Saturday, 3 August 2013

In May and June i have ringed 300 Caspians Gulls at the Wytyckie Lake colony. Not so bad for the season. Hope there will be more of them found :) I colour-ringed 200 chicks (red plastics with white code) and 100 adults (red and green plastics). I caught there also a bird from the Ukraine, ringed on the Svityaz Lake colony. I had 65 recoveries already from these 300 birds, mainly from the Lublin Province.

Below are some examples of my recoveries from the last few days
CG from Ukraine (Kreminchuk Reservoir) - 3 CY
 CG ringed in June 2013 on the Wytyckie Lake colony.
 Hungarian CG (2CY) watched in Jedlanka near Sosnowica, Lublin Province.

 Juv Caspians
 Croatian Caspian Gull (2CY), ringed: Jakusevec on 13.1.2013
 Some adults from the Wytyckie Lake.